As you can well imagine, there has been a McFlurry of delicious mail in my inbox, 99.9% of which I have not yet answered. I have been busier than ever, moving into my new place and trying to get my frozen little Midwestern ducks in a row.

I thought I would have a lot of time to answer mail once I was an unemployed, out-of-work, fired person, but this turns out not to have been the case. And also, very disappointingly, I have not yet ingested a single bon bon. What the hell? I have three weeks to live a Life of Leisure and no bon bons have been involved as of yet. I am clearly a failure.

(And now it looks like I have a freelance proofing job next week and part of the week after that. Which is great, because I am ASS BROKE and apparently laptops cost more than one dollar, which was my laptop budget before I got this job. But it means I will be busy next week too. So much for the Life of Leisure.)

[Please note that this was written a week ago. In the meantime, I have acquired a laptop and spent a week freelancing. That's what I get for procrastination.]

Speaking of which, it's been quite an upheaval, emotionally. Being fired sucks, and of course I knew intellectually that it is a thing that sucks, but I wasn't expecting it to suck in quite this fashion. My confidence in myself was shaken in very weird ways, and I have been experiencing some sort of generalized anxiety, in spite of my efforts to look on the positive side of all of this. I can only imagine how I'd be feeling if I hadn't been offered what was behind door number two. I can imagine it would not be at all pretty. (Maybe it would have involved BON BONS, though.)

So yeah, okay, what was I saying? Broke, fired, sucks, email unanswered, hello.

I am working, by the way, on a solution to the web presence thing. I definitely do think it will be an immensely interesting thing to write about. And of course I will not be writing about my students, or colleagues, or anything of that nature. But the transition from lifelong California girl to living in the Midwest? Dealing with a long-distance engagement? Adjusting to being a teacher? These are all huge, interesting things, and I will be writing about them somehow, somewhere. I will let you know how to find me when the time comes.

Oh, and of course my father has written to me about all of this:

Hi honey ,this e-mail is from Mom and me,we are very happy for you that you were given the oppertunity to go for your dream.Sometimes things happen for a reason,God wanted you to make that mistake so He can you lead in a different direction, and believe uss you are not a loser. He even lead you to a new state to live .We are very happy that youwill have the change to teach and that you have a friend there already that is very good. Sogive us a call before you depart please. Hear from you soon Love Mom and Dad.

And finally, on a final note, I have moved my journal to a different locale...I am already writing a lot more now, and more freely, so there you are.

I just need the distance from mo pie dot com, as well as the privacy, for the next little while... Anyway if you'd like access... write me at piegirl at!

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